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Talking Tech at the High School

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The high school’s 2015-2016 video production class kicked off the new school year with a special multi-class endeavor on Oct. 1 and 2. As part of an ongoing effort to teach the new video production students how to use the studio, technology education teacher James Connell invited another tech class to join his students for a live talk show titled “East Islip’s Talk TV.’”

Members of teacher Harold Kench’s graphic communications class served as a live audience, filling the high school’s studio and watching the program from the studio floor. Students Noah Palmieri, Brandon Potter and Greg Rosenthal served as hosts, interviewing Kench and other students from his class. After the presentation, Kench’s class was actively involved in critiquing the efforts of the video production students, providing valuable feedback to help improve their craft as the year unfolds.

“This activity is typically done early in the fall in an effort to provide the students with the experience of filming with an actual live studio audience,” said Connell. “The ‘Talk TV’ program serves as a precursor to later, larger events like Embers Coffee House, another live event filmed in the studio where students invite individuals from around the school to perform, including guitarists, poets and other acts.”

Friday, August 23, 2019