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Cleary Meets Culinary for 90th Anniversary

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Students at the high school’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Career Academy were invited to participate in and prepare food for the 90th anniversary celebration of the Cleary School for the Deaf, which shares students with the high school.

What made the recent event even more special was that three of the students in the Culinary Academy are also students from the Cleary School. Two of the Cleary students are starting their second year with the Academy program and have bonded strongly with the other East Islip students, teaching them how to communicate using American Sign Language

The food for the Cleary luncheon– including homemade barbecued chicken with special sauce, burgers, hot dogs, potatoes, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and macaroni and cheese – was freshly prepared by the students in the East Islip Culinary Academy kitchen, under the supervision of teacher Patricia Emmons-Fritz. After it was delivered to the Cleary School building in Nesconset, the students set up the food buffet and served more than 200 parents and students who were in attendance.

The three Cleary School students in the Academy enjoyed the chance to showcase their culinary skills to their family and friends at Cleary.

“The Cleary students were delighted to have their peers at Cleary see them in charge of this special day,” said Israel Malinowitzer, East Islip’s guidance director and head of the Career Academy program. “It was great to see our Academy students interacting with the younger Cleary students, who will probably attend East Islip High one day. The Cleary staff members were also impressed by the way these students ran the whole event and they loved the food. Some even asked our students for the recipe for their special barbecue chicken.”

Friday, June 05, 2020