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Timber Pointers ‘Lend a Hand’

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Students at Timber Point “lent a hand” to complete the school’s "We’re All in This Together" mural in the cafeteria.

Marianne Borruso-Gilmore, a member of Timber Point’s PTA, donated her time to paint the original mural in August 2015. Fellow PTA members Sue Kiernan, Dawn LaMacchia, Dawn Sandler and Colleen Varley worked throughout the year to help every student and teacher, Principal Danielle Naccarato and the remainder of the Timber Point staff in taking turns placing a handprint somewhere in the mural.

“The children were excited to see each handprint then turn into a flower, forest creature or the planet, reminding us that we are all on this Earth together and we must take care of it and each other,” said Borruso-Gilmore.

Other features in the mural include the “Timber Point Express Train,” with a different food group in each train car, as well as the “Wonder Wall,” which serves to remind the children to never lose their sense of wonder.

“The message of the mural is that we are all different but we are all important, and every child’s hand was needed to fill in the spaces and make the mural beautiful,” said Borruso-Gilmore. “It was wonderful to see everyone come together to create it.”

Friday, August 23, 2019