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Middle School Pledges to be Drug-Free

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The middle school celebrated Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October, utilizing many activities to bring drug awareness to the students. Students created public service announcements on the dangers of drugs, which were shown during lunch periods throughout the week.

Each day had a theme. Monday was “turn your back on drugs,” with students encouraged to wear shirts backwards; Tuesday was “team up against drugs,” with students wearing sports attire; Wednesday was “voting on my future to be drug-free”, wearing red, white and blue; Thursday was “too bright for drugs” with the wearing of neon; and Friday was “tune out drugs”, with students permitted to listen to music between classes.   
On Oct. 26, four residents from the Brentwood Outreach House – a long-term residential drug rehabilitation treatment center for adolescents – visited the school. As a part of their treatment program, the residents shared their personal stories with the students. 

During lunch period on Oct. 28, the students signed a pledge to be drug free. Student pledges were then posted on a banner located outside of the cafeteria.

Friday, August 23, 2019