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Foreign Language Week Celebration

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With enriching demonstrations of French, Italian and Spanish language and culture, as well as American Sign Language, the high school celebrated Foreign Language Week in the school’s library during the week of March 5.

Tuesday was American Sign Language Day. Students wore T-shirts with sign language messages, signed popular songs in ASL, taught basic signs and the alphabet, and played fun games with visiting fourth-graders from JFK.

For Spanish Day on Wednesday, students watched a Foreign Language Honor Society presentation in the library about the roots of flamenco dancing and how it inspired Irish step dancing. They then moved into the school’s Forum for a live performance by senior Kathryn Bingham, an accomplished Irish step dancer who competes nationally and was honored with first place in a recent competition.

“Kathryn has been dancing for 15 years, and her love of dance was evident as she danced the entire day and encouraged her peers to participate by inviting them on the stage to learn intricate dance steps,” said teacher Lisa Rapiejko.

For Thursday’s French Day, French Club members presented a French cabaret where they sang popular French songs, and Italian Day on Friday found the school’s Italian students demonstrating the tarantella dance, discussing famous singers and songs from Italian culture and teaching some basic vocabulary in Italian.

“Our students certainly enjoyed learning about different languages and cultures through engaging, fun-filled activities,” said Rapiejko.

In the event’s annual poster contest, sponsored by Dr. Janet Hiller, first place went to Joelle Tomossone, second to Emily Alexander, third to Shannon Wodicka and honorable mention to Kelli Karlin. This year’s theme was “Languages: Windows to the World.” Dr. Hiller, the district’s retired world language chairperson, provides the winners with bookstore gift cards.

Friday, August 23, 2019