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Grim Reaper Strikes for Change

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Guided by Students Against Destructive Decisions club adviser Bridget Lopiccolo, the high school’s Grim Reaper – a SADD student volunteering for this somber task – “struck” 16 fellow students on March 28. The annual Ghost-Out Day remains the signature event in the club’s year-long substance abuse awareness campaign.

As a gong sounded every 20 minutes throughout the school day and Lopiccolo read police call transcripts about teens being killed as a result of drugs or alcohol, the Reaper chose its “victims,” who then wore black T-shirts and remained silent for the remainder of the day to represent the numerous lives affected by substance abuse. 

“Our SADD club is making a difference and wants high school students to know this is preventable,” said Lopiccolo. “Overdose doesn’t have to be the No. 1 killer of people under the age of 50. We can stop it. Just don’t start using drugs or alcohol. Be the generation of change and change this statistic.”

Saturday, September 21, 2019