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Getting With the Quail Program

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Students in Lauren Ferlin’s AP Environmental Science class at the high school recently participated in the Seatuck Environmental Association’s bobwhite quail program. For approximately 23 days, the students monitored the progress of 12 quail eggs in an incubator, after which seven of the eggs successfully hatched. The quail were kept in the classroom during the next few weeks and brought home with students on the weekends. The quail were then returned to Seatuck for release. 

“In the wild, quail have very high mortality rates and this program gives the quail population a chance to be successful,” said Ferlin. “An additional benefit to the ecosystem is that quail eat ticks, so by reestablishing the quail population we are introducing a natural predator at Seatuck and the number of ticks will be reduced without the use of chemical pesticides.”

Friday, February 21, 2020