Timber Point Gets “Start”ed With “Superhero Day”

Timber Point gets “Start”ed with “Superhero Day” thumbnail199697

Timber Point participated in the Sandy Hook Promise’s Start with Hello Week in September, organized by psychologist Amy Eagen, social worker Joan D’Angelo and counselor Bryan Ferro. The Start With Hello project asks students, teachers and staff who interact with children to take steps in class, the lunchroom, recess and the bus to be inclusive and connected. Each day of the week at Timber Point had its own theme to promote connectivity, including Start With Hello Day, Wear Kind Words Day, Superhero Day, Waving Hello Hand Day and EI Pride Day.

“Superhero Day was a big success and the students enjoyed wearing shirts with their favorite superheroes on them,” said Principal Danielle Naccarato. “A huge thank you to our amazing mental health team at Timber Point for organizing this wonderful week.