District Grants Tenure, Celebrates Success

East Islip School District grants tenure, celebrates success thumbnail218835

During the East Islip School District Board of Education meeting on June 9, six members of the district staff were granted tenure: Math and Science Director Frank Pillitteri, East Islip High School Assistant Principal Jean Marie D’Aversa, foreign language teacher Giuseppe Costa, ESL teacher Stephanie Hauser, science teacher Christopher Prechtl and social studies teacher Ryan Pearsall.

Superintendent John Dolan congratulated the individuals during a reception prior to the meeting. He told them they are an integral part of the teaching team and have a great community to provide them the support they need. He also noted that planning and preparation will be the “bedrock of their careers” and hopes they enjoy the field of education as much as he does.

The board also celebrated student and faculty accomplishments. East Islip High School Principal Mark Bernard recognized Class of 2022 valedictorian Chiara Mosca and salutatorian Miranda Stockton, touting their accomplishments during their high school careers. Work-based coordinator Bridget Lopiccolo also gave a presentation on the district’s CORE Program, which matches life skills students with local businesses so the students can acquire valuable work experience. Lopiccolo explained that these students are the “most eager workers” and thanked several local businesses, who were in attendance, for mentoring the students.

Date Added: 6/13/2022