East Islip Teachers Present at LITES Conference

  • Two district teachers – East Islip Middle School technology teacher Pam Avella and RCK library media specialist Bianca Rivera – recently presented “Sparking Creative Learning with Minecraft Education” at the Long Island Technology & Education Summit.  The focus of this highly regarded annual conference is to promote the use of technologies to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and imagination in the classroom. LITES is a platform for sharing new ideas, innovations and trends and has become a premier event for Long Island educators.  

    “Mrs. Avella and Mrs. Rivera are truly innovative in how they have used the Minecraft ‘game’ platform to connect with and engage students in learning the Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards as well as to provide students with an additional tool for demonstrating knowledge and learning,” Executive Director for Instructional Technology and Student Achievement Richard Zwycewicz said. “Their willingness to experiment with technology to improve student learning is inspiring.”

    Date Added: 11/15/2023