Cosmetology Department

  • Cosmetology Teacher:

    Nina Casey

    Cosmetology licensing courses provide students with the knowledge and skills applicable to the care of hair, skin, and nails, and prepare students for the state’s Board of Cosmetology examinations. Almost always a series of courses with a specified number of instructional hours, Cosmetology Licensing courses also require applied experience. Course content covers such topics as human anatomy and skin conditions, chemistry and bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization, state laws and regulations, and shop management. These courses provide students with experiences in shampooing, cutting, styling, highlighting, coloring, tinting, waving, and relaxing hair and providing facials and manicures.  These courses are part of a NYSED approved pathway.   

    Cosmetology I 

    The introductory course to the field of cosmetology includes providing the services of natural hair styling, esthetics (skin care), nail specialty, waxing, and the study of anatomy and physiology related to beauty culture operation. Cosmetology also includes providing services to the hair, head, face, neck, or scalp. The course is also concerned with the total development of the individual student both as a person and as a worker. Emphasis is on basic skills, personal grooming, cosmetology, and business attitude within the field of cosmetology. This course provides clock hours and knowledge, both theoretical and practical, toward qualifying for the New York State Licensing Examination requirement. 

    Cosmetology II 

    This advanced course emphasizes the importance of creativity and trade skills. There will be a specialization in haircutting, hair color, chemical relaxing and straightening, nail enhancements, skin care, advanced make up, and waxing. This includes one day a week of clinic where students learn and work in a real salon atmosphere that is open to students, staff, and community members. Students will complete 1,000 hours of learning and be prepared to pass their New York State Division of Licensing exam for cosmetology. Students will be responsible for purchasing any kits and/or safety materials required to complete the program.