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    Welcome to Earth Science!  Please become familiar with this website as soon as possible.  It will be your "one-stop" resource for notes, homework assignments, study materials, important links etc.  To get to the current unit, select "Earth Science" from the list to the left and select from the menu that appears.


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    I often put placeholders in my grade book, usually in the form of letters. Here is what they mean:

              T = turned in, but not graded yet

              M = missing, but can still be turned in for credit

              L = late (if excused, there will usually be a comment explaining)

              I = incomplete, partial credit

              X = exempt - does not need to be made up

              0 = no credit, cannot be made up

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    Hurricane Zones for Town of Islip

    click "view" once you get to the page

    Suffolk County Map


     Hurricane Sandy - Before and After




    Castle Learning

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