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Mr. John V. Dolan

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    Joanne Mann
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    Stephanie Parker
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    See Something, Say Something Hotline


  •  10 Helpful Hints on How to Succeed in School


    Practicing Good Manners Will Make a Difference

    • Stay to the Right!....Whether walking in the halls, driving your car, or making  a decision always remember to stay to the RIGHT.
    • Be Polite!...Words like please, thank you and excuse me and practicing good listening techniques and patience are all good habits to develop. Please make good choices.
    • Keep it Clean!...The building and cafeteria were clean when you got here, please pick up after yourselves at school, at home and wherever you go in your world.
    • Lock it Don’t Lose it!...If it is valuable or irreplaceable, please do not bring it to school. If you must bring it to school, please bring it to the Main Office or your grade level office for us to hold.
    • Watch Your Electronic Footprint!... The internet, social media, and electronic devices are fascinating learning devices and entertainers that hypnotize our students every day, transforming them into iStudents. These digital natives come fully equipped with mobile learning tools and just enough know-how to be a positive or dangerous catalyst, both figuratively and literally speaking. Please make good healthy ichoices.
    • Dress for Success!...School is where you work, learning is your job, and it should be your passion. Any clothing that is too revealing or distasteful in any way is not acceptable. Please remember it is not the beach or a party. School is where you go to work.
    • Be Nothing but Nice!...Criticisms and comments do not have to be nasty. If your comments or criticisms are not constructive, please keep them to yourself until you have figured out a way to say them in a positive way.
    • Enhance my Transcripts Every day!...Your transcript is a reflection of your ability and work ethic. Please work hard to make it look as attractive as possible. Please ask us about the Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors. It will make a difference if you earn one. Be better at sunset then you were at sunrise and you will reach your goals.
    • Attendance Really Really Counts!...Colleges, the military, and prospective employers will ask for your attendance record and we will show them. Attendance is a reflection of your work ethic! 
    • Hug your Parents!...Be sure to speak to the adults in your life who are there to support you; whether it is a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend or neighbor.


    Please remember to:

    • Be on time, be prepared AND be where you are supposed to be!
    • Set your goals so high you never reach them.


    Helpful Hint: If you wouldn’t do it in front of your parents or grandparents, please do not do it at school or work.