• East Islip Clubs


    Art Service Club                Advisor: Joy Taylor

    Meeting: Wednesdays after school, Room 231, 2:35-3:20.  We meet 2x a month.

    To provide posters and decorations for other clubs as well as working like an advertising agency


    Best Buddies                     Advisors: Donna Pollizato and Val Butler

    Meeting: Every other Wednesday 2:40 - 3:10 Room 225

    To foster friendships between students with and without intellectual disabilities an provide a time and place for students to make friends in a safe, comfortable environment


    Boys/Girls Leaders          Advisor: Mike Montouri/Boys  7 & 8

    Meeting: Wednesday 7:05 - 7:45 in the Gym

    Teach leadership - student leaders are those who are resourceful, good probem solvers,  teach good positive attitude about life.


    Boys/Girls Leaders          Advisor: Laura O'Donnell /Girls 8

    Meeting: Wednesday 7:15 - 7:45

    Give 7th and 8th grade girls the opportunity to participate in service learning projects to benefit local, national and global communities. Also Promote healthy lifestyle.


    Chess Club                          Advisor: TBD

    Meeting: TBD

    To learn or play chess with other students.


    Chorus Club                       Advisor: Lisa Falacara

    Meeting: Thursdays After School based upon schedules in the chorus room

    The purpose of this club is to offer extra enrichment to those that demonstrate a love of choral music and would like to pursue a more difficult/advanced level of musicianship.


    Crafts                    Advisor: Joy Taylor

    Meeting: Thursday's in room 231  from 2:35 - 3:20

    To create crafts in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Seasonal craft projects will be done.


    Family & Consumer Science                        Advisor: Pat Emmons Fritz

    Meeting: Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:35- 3:20 in Room 104

    To provide members the opportunity to build self-confidence, character and leadership within their school, home and community


    Fitness Club                       Advisor: Ron Croteau

    Meeting: Wednesdays  7:05 - 7:45 in the Gym starting 10/5

    Improve personal fitness level.


    Homework Club 6            Advisor: Wendy Frees

    Meeting: Tuesdays  2:40 - 3:15 in Room 133

    To assist and encourage completion of homework.


    Homework Club 7/8        Advisor: Val Butler

    Meeting: Thursdays 2:40 - 3:10 Room 129

    To assist students with homework


    Intramurals Boys 6 & Girls 6                        Advisor: Mike Montouri

    Meeting: Tuesdays 7:05 - 7:45 in the Gym

    Various sports and activities that will be played along with games and team tournaments.


    Intramurals Boys & Girls 7/8                       Advisor: Ron Crouteau

    Meeting: Thursdays  7:05 - 7:45 in the Gym Starts 9/29.  Starts 10/6

    To have 7th and 8th grade boys playing and having fun during different sporting activities.


    Kickline                Advisor: Danielle King

    Meeting: Tuesdays & Wednesday 2:30 - 5:00 


    Literacy  Club                     Advisor: Melanie Ash

    Meeting: Every other Wednesday starting  2:30- 3:30 in library

    To explore various genres, themes and literacy styles while encouraging students to foster a love of  reading.


    National Junior Honor S                Advisor: Betty Muller

    Meeting: Once per month at 7:15am

    To raise funds to help out the community.  To mentor and be examples of the 6th and 7th graders in our school.  Also to examples of  leadership and to dedicate time to community service.


    Renaissance Club             Advisor: Katrina Finnegan

    Meeting: Mondays in room 110 7:30 and 2:40

    To encourage academic excellence through positive reinforcement of strong work habits accountability and responsibility. Goals are to raise grade point averages, increase attendance, reduce disciplining referrals and improve homework completion


    Robotics              Advisor: Hal Kench

    Meeting: Every other Monday starting 10/24 from 2:32 - 3:15 Room 227

    To further robotic education of students.  Build robots and participate in competition.


    School Newspaper          Advisors: Pam Avella and Ryan Krueder

    Meeting: Wednesdays 2:40 - 3:20 Room 118 Starting 9/15

    Students will use computers to contribute articles, photos to appear In  our Middle school newpaper.  They will learn how to write a newspaper article.


    School Musical Advisor                 Advisors: Cayleigh Hearth / Diane Doyle / Mike Fernandez

    Meeting: 2:40- 4:30 weekdays to be determined

    Meant to allow children to express themselves through music, dance and drama while also developing their team building skills and creative talents


    Spotlight Store                  Advisors: Barbara Huether / Debbie Myer

    Meeting: Days will be based on students schedule

    Students will learn how to use register and give back change, take inventory and help with students buying items


    Special Olympics              Advisor: Laura O'Donnell

    Meeting: Depends of Schedules of Parents aides and participants

    To provide our special needs middle school students the opportunity to join and train as a member of the EI special olympics team and compete at the NY spring games.


    Renaissance Club             Advisor: Katrina Finnegan

    Meeting: Mondays in room 110 7:30 and 2:40

    To encourage academic excellence through positive reinforcement of strong work habits accountability and responsibility. Goals are to raise grade point averages , increase attendance, reduce disciplining referrals and improve homework completion


    StageBand/Jazz Band                     Advisor: Concetta Stevens

    Meeting: First 3 Wednesday's of the month and last Friday of the month 7:15- 7:50AM

    To teach students how to play in the jazz style and perform at Jazz night


    Student Government     Advisor: Kristen Nolan

    Meeting: 2 Fridays from 2:40-3:15 each month. *The schedule changes depending on events being held by the club.

    Student government offers students excellent ways to get involved in the inner workings of their schools


    Technology Club              Advisors: Pam Avella/ Hal Kench

    Meeting: Mondays alternating per posted schedule

    Students will work on projects similar to those in Technology class. Safety rules will be explained.


    Tri M Music Honor          Advisors: Odierna/Incandela

    Meeting: Please contact teacher for schedule


    Yearbook Club                  Advisor: Marina Poulis

    Meeting: Tuesdays at 2:30 in Room 230

    To create the yearbook.


    World Language Spanish                              Advisor: Samantha Monaco

    Meeting: Every other Thursday Starting 9/29 in room 232

    To learn different aspects of Spanish culture and language.