Summer Reading

  • Creating a habit of lifelong reading is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  Establishing this habit early and nurturing it throughout their school years is critical to their success in life.  We want students to pursue reading for enjoyment and encourage it through a wide selection of quality books.  At each grade level we have created summer reading assignments. 

Kindergarten to Grade 5 Summer Reading

  • Summer reading is a fun way for your child to escape to different times and places, learn new things, explore topics of interest, and feed their curiosity during the vacation months.  By helping your child embark on their reading adventures over the summer, you are encouraging great reading habits while maintaining reading stamina and comprehension skills.  Although school may be over for the year, it is important to encourage your child to read daily.  Children can actually increase their reading levels before September by reading every day for a minimum of 30 minutes!  Studies have also shown, however that when children do not read often during the summer months, they can slip as many as two reading levels!  For this reason, we should try to make books readily available to kids all year long.                                                                                                  

    This summer we ask all students to get “SPOTTED” reading.  Attached are the directions for our summer reading program at East Islip.  Please help us cover the walls with pictures of your children “SPOTTED” reading this summer.  We strongly suggest that you try to have your child read at least 6 books on his/her level.  Children should be encouraged to read additional books that reflect their interests as well.  Also, remember that all children benefit from being read to and sharing the stories with you.  Reading together is a great way to spend time with your family and create a love of learning.

    Additionally, your child is encouraged to participate in the East Islip Public Library summer reading program.  The public librarians also have the suggested reading list and will be happy to assist you in finding leveled books.  Your child may include his/her school’s reading as a part of the library’s summer reading club quota.

    Here are some other tips to help promote good reading habits:

    ● Set aside a special time to read when you and your family are relaxed.

    ● Engage your child in conversation about their books.

    ● Show kids that you love books also!  Let them catch you reading!

    ● Be sure your child has a library card and try to visit your local library at least once a week.

    ● Inquire about special programs, book clubs, and book sales offered by your local library.


    Thank you for your continued support.  Have a healthy, restful, book-filled summer!

Middle School Grades 6-8 Summer Reading

  • Practicing reading is fundamental to improving your reading—that is, the more you read, the better you get. In Grade 6, students will read Wonder by R.J. Palacio. All students will have a shared reading experience, and the novel will be a jumping off start for the school year. Students entering 7th and 8th grade in September must read a fiction novel of their choice. This is an opportunity to choose books that interest the student! They can find any appropriate books at the local library or using the Sora app on Classlink with their EI Public Library card barcode. There is no need to purchase the book you read.

    The Wonder book and the assignments will be collected during the first days of school in September. The assignment and additional information are available on the district and building websites.

High School Grades 9-12 Summer Reading

  • As students develop more specialized interests during their high school years, our summer reading has been developed to encourage exploration.  Students are given the opportunity to find a topic they are interested in and read a book about it.  They can explore a different genre, delve deeper into their love of mechanics, cosmetology, art, or business.  The assignment and additional information are available on the district and building websites.

AP/Honors Summer Assignments

  • Each summer our honors and advanced placement teachers create assignments to help students prepare for the upcoming rigor and challenge of an advanced course.  These assignments are designed to help students “hit the ground running” when they come back in September.  These assignments help students understand what the requirements and expectations will be in an advanced level course.  All assignments are on the district and building websites.  Students are encouraged to reach out to the honors or AP teacher if they have any questions about the assignments.

Social Studies

  • Reading can take you on adventures, broaden your experiences and make you laugh.  It can also open new worlds and opportunities that will enhance your life.  Together, we can make reading an exciting and integral part of our young people’s lives.  I hope you enjoy the chance to read together over the next few months.  We wish all this for you as you leave for summer recess.

    Have an enjoyable summer and happy reading.