SAT-ACT Information

    • SAT/ACT Testing Accommodations for Special Education Students

    In general, college bound students will take the SAT and/or the ACT during their junior and senior years. Just as you may receive testing accommodation through your IEP on all school and state exams, you may also receive similar accommodations on these standardized tests. In order to ensure you receive them, you must request approval through the testing boards.



    College Board, the organization that administers the PSAT & SAT exams, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) Tests, has a specific process to request these accommodations. To begin the process, you must submit a signed parental consent form. This form can be found at the end of this packet and should be submitted to Mrs. Weaver, High School Psychologist, at least 2 months prior to any scheduled testing. College Board determines which accommodations are approved. You will be assigned an SSD# that you will need to enter anytime you register for an SAT through Please note, you are permitted to submit the request for accommodations prior to registering for a specific test date.



    ACT test accommodations are requested at the time of exam registration ( Please be sure to indicate that you utilize test accommodations when registering for the exam, as this generates an email to Mrs. Weaver, who can then certify your accommodations.

    Not every student needs to take the SAT/ACT exams. It depends on what your post-high school plans may be. Please consult with your school counselor for further information. If you feel these tests are necessary, the following is a RECOMMENDED TIMELINE for taking these exams:

    Students who require accommodations beyond 50% extended time (such as a Reader, double time, etc.) will be administered under special testing format and typically do not test on the Saturday National Test Date. Please contact Mrs. Weaver for further information.


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